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Are All Barcode Scanners Laser Scanners?

No, there are many other types of barcode scanners other than the laser based units. There are the fixed beam scanners, like we make at Custom Sensors, that are small and operate in close proximity to the code. We can use LEDs for light sources because we don't need all the power of a laser. CCD scanners also use LED light sources. A CCD is actually an array of detectors, rather than a single detector. CCDs, like fixed beam scanners operate close to the code and don't need the power of a laser either. Laser scanners are generally used in applications where the code and the scanner have to be separated by some distance. This is where the great quantity of coherent light that a laser emits comes into play. The laser beam is intense and can be easily focused to a very small spot which is ideal for reading barcodes. Because of the beam intensity, lasers can present a safety problem and users should be familiar with the necessary precautions to be taken when using a laser based device.
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