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Do I need a different decoder for each type of barcode I want to read?
Most decoders in use today are capable of reading more than one type of barcode. The units are programmable by the user to select the types of barcode. Most units also have an auto-discriminate mode where they can be set to read all barcode types and the decoder will figure out what type of code symbol it has read. Most decoders can be programmed using a simple serial data terminal or a PC configured to act like a data terminal. Besides the barcode type many other decoder parameters can be specified by the user. In normal practice, if you are just reading a single barcode type, program the decoder to read that type rather than auto-discriminate. It takes the decoder time to figure out what code type it has read. This lengthens the time it takes to decode the code and effects the number of codes a scanner can read in a given period of time. Also there is always the slim chance that the decoder will make a mistake and decode the wrong code type.

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